Product warranty provisions


Sao Vang Rubber JS Company (pass attached Decision No 257/QĐ-TTCL July 24 2007)

Article 1: Guarantee condition:

The company just considers guarantee for products type I manufactured by Sao Vang Rubber JS Company

Article 2: Guarantee place

At Sao Vang Rubber JS Company: 231-Nguyen Trai-ThanhXuan-Ha Noi or other place decided by the Director.

Article 3: Members of guarantee group

Technique operators of Qualification Center, Rubber Factory I, Rubber Factory II

Article 4: Guarantee time

Maximum time is 07 days, from the day receiving the product requested for guarantee in the two place in Term 2

Article 5: Guarantee procedure

  • Product having manufacturer’s fault is exchanged free. The Sale and Marketing Department, Agency take responsibility for giving the new product to customer.
  • Products having fault caused by user will not be exchanged, they will be returned to customer by the Sale and Marketing Department.

Article 6: Guarantee sequence

  1. Organizing to carry out
  • The Sale and Marketing Department is responsible for receiving guarantee requested products and related records, updating necessary information of product in “ Guarantee product management book of customer”
  • Guarantee group organizes to check product petitioned guarantee by customer, determine the kind, procedure, code number, breaking condition of the product and only guarantees product having manufacturer’s fault.
  • The Qualification Center have responsibility for completing product exchange card according to M014 form after getting signature of the Director of Factory having guarantee product.
  • Product exchange card must be filled with full content according to regulation and formed 3 copies kept at the Qualification Center, the Sale and Marketing Department and Financial Accounting Department
  • The checking result is the guarantee result
  1. Announcing guarantee result.
  • The Sale and Marketing Department has responsibility for announcing customers about exchanged and unexchanged products.
  • The Sale and Marketing Department and Financial Accounting Department base on product exchange cards of Qualification Center and write precept for goods delivery and bill for customers having changed product.

In 3 days from the day receiving product change card of Qualification Center

  1. Time for changing product for customer

The Sale and Marketing Department bases on goods delivery bill of Financial Accounting Department, product change card of Qualification Center and returns the changed product and gives back the unchanged ones

  • With changed product: in the nearest stage of goods providing (after having guarantee result) for agency
  • With unchanged product: in 30 days from the day announcing the guarantee result



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