Advice for using and maintenancing tire

Your tire is the only component of your car which contacts with road when your car is moving. You just need some minutes for testing maintenance to ensure that your tire is in the best condition

Check the air pressure once a month

Air pressure is not the cause of breaking tire. To avoid this breaking, you should check the air pressure at least once a month.

Information about standard air pressure can be found in:

  • Handbook of direction of using car
  • Air pressure vignette on the driving door
  • Air pressure written on the tire is NOT the regulated air pressure for your car, it is the maximum pressure value for this kind of tire.

Don’t put yourself in difficult condition or waste money for pulling your car by checking the air pressure regularly

When the standard air pressure is not ensured, there will be an increase in tire wear possibility and bad effect on driving car

Attentions when checking and controlling the air pressure

Check the air pressure when it is not hot. Inflation pressure can increase 0.45-0.9kg when the temperature changes 10°C. Pressure usually increase in summer and decrease a little in winter.

  • Air pressure needs to stay the same in both left and right side, but it can be different between the front and behind tire.
  • Valve capcan be shut tightly to avoid dust and opening valve.
  • Replace immediately when detecting the lid lost.
  • Ensure that tire has not cut or abnormal deformation

Tread groove depth

  • To avoid the slide situation, tires should have consequent tread groove depth. Tread groove depth is at least 1/16 inch or 1,6mm. You should also check the unsteady abrasion resistance of the tread groove depth which also causes the considerably decrease in time using tire. If you have unsteady wear tire, you should take your car to the nearest agency for checking.


The best way to limit the unsteady wear is inverting tire according to handbook of direction of using car

Tire occurrence

Pavement can cause your breaking tire. Drive your car on the pavement carefully, if you drive too fast or inconsequent angle, your tire can crack

           Avoid maximum pot-hole or piece of break on the road

Avoid speed up or brake instantly

Check the handbook of direction of maximum load. Overload can decrease age of tire

Tire replacement

You should replace tire with the original kind tired firstly, including size, model and allowed level of speech

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