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How much do I pump the air pressure exactly?

Pumping air pressure exactly is the most important thing in caring tire wheel. Notice that steam pressure written on the outside of tire is only the maximum working pressure, it is not the necessary pressure that your car needs to reach. Use the pressure recommended by manufacturer. You can refer this pressure in Handbook of direction of using car or is written on the driver side door or in the trunk.

You should always check the steam pressure when tire is cool ( it means that car stop more than 1 hour or just move some km). Use pressure gauge which is good. With centripetal tire, when you pump the correct pressure, notice that the side wall is a little bit bloated, which is normal. You should check the pressure twice a week regularly, especially when you have a long journey or heavy load. Do not forget to check the provisory wheel.

What is the alignment?

Car is considered passably alignment when all of the component of Suspension and driving systemare perfect, rimsare on the same line and on the shaft. Aligning wheel system is necessary for tire to be steadily wear and control exactly. The unsteadily wear of front or behind tire or abnormal situation when driving (for example car is falling down one side) are all the signal of being not on a line of wheel.

Cost for fixing the line is not considerable comparing with the benefit of increasing lifespan of tire, improving efficiency, being easy and comfortable in controlling and operating.

Why does the balance of my tire need controlling?

The balance of tire wheel system is necessary for car control to be easy and last the lifespan of the tire. The unbalanced tire wheel causes the car shaking, which makes driver tired, breaking tire and atrophied suspension system. Tire needs balancing when being fitted with the wheel at the first time or reassembled after repaired. Tire need fixing immediately if there is a shaking or falling down one side. Shaking can be caused by losing the line or invisible mechanical reason.

Removing and fitting is easy or not? Can I do it myself ?

You should not remove or fit the tire for your car by yourself. Fitting the tire is a specialized work and has to have enough suitable stool as well as experience. Trying to do this causes that you break the tire or wheel or hurt yourself, it maybe serious.

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