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Rubber – “Cao su” is the transliteration of CAAOCHU with CAA is O – CHU tree – name of a plant with latex of Native Americans of South America. In the 19th century, after the invention of vulcanized rubber method by sulfur and successfully fabricated rubber tires, the new tires are widely used and rubber industry truly developed.

Vietnam is a country located in the tropics, with red soil in the vast Central Highlands, so it is very favorable for the cultivation of rubber trees for latex extraction and processing of natural rubber. Because of the importance of the rubber industry in the national economy, soon after the North was freed (October/1954) on 7/10/1956 and the tire workshop was established at No. 2 Dang Thai Than and began its operations in November/1956 to early 1960, it is merged into Sao Vang rubber factory, it was the forerunner of SAO VANG HANOI RUBBER PLANT later.

Also, in the plan to restore and develop the economy in 3 years (1598 – 1960) the Party and the government approved the construction plan of Thuong Dinh industrial zone including 3 factories: Rubber – Soap – Thang Long Tobacco. The site started construction on 22/12/1958 and honored to welcome Uncle Ho on 24/02/1959.

After more than 13 months of hard work, the construction of plant, installation of equipment, training of staffs, workers were basically completed, on 06/04/1960, the plant started to produce the first bicycle tire with “Sao Vang” brand. From that time, the plant was named SAO VANG HANOI RUBBER PLANT. On 23/05/1960, the plant held the ribbon cutting ceremony, annually, the plant takes this day its traditional day, the anniversary of establishment of the plant. It is also one of the largest, the oldest state-owned enterprises, and the only tire manufacturer, automobile tires – the pioneer of rubber product manufacturing industry of Vietnam.

On production results of 1960, on the first year received the plan from the State, the plant completed the following criteria:

  • Total output value 2,459,442 dong.
  • Main products:
    • Bicycle tires 93,664 pieces
    • Bicycle tubes 38,388 pieces
  • 262 employees are distributed in 3 factories and 6 professional departments. Nobody graduated from universities and only 2 officers graduated intermediate professional schools.

From 1991 to now, the plant has confirmed its position as an efficient business manufacturing enterprise, greater revenue and payments to the state budget gets higher from year to year; income and life of employees have been gradually improved. The Enterprise has always been recognized as the emulation unit awarded many flags and merit of superior bodies and many noble medals from the Party and State. The mass organizations (the Party Committee, trade unions, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union) have always been recognized it as a strong unit.

The glorious achievements result in:

  • According to Decision No. 645/CNNG dated 27/08/1992 of the Ministry of heavy Industries, the plant was renamed SAO VANG RUBBER COMPANY.
  • On 1/1/1993 the plant officially used the seal named Sao Vang Rubber Company.
  • On 03/4/2006 Sao Vang Rubber Company converted into SAO VANG RUBBER JOINT STOCK COMPANY.
  • Thanks to the new equipment, in addition to the traditional products, the company has successfully manufactured tires for civil aircrafts TU – 134 (930×305), IL18 and national defense aircrafts MIG – 21 (800×200); tires for trucks with large tonnage (from 12 tonnes and above) and other rubber products by advanced techniques.
  • The company has officially been granted ISO 9002 certificate by BVQI Group, United Kingdom.


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